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Recuperar registro de la BBDD y mostrar en un ComboBox desplegable

December 22, 2011

Private Sub carregaComboUsuaris()


Dim sSQL As String = “SELECT accio, descripcio “ & _

“FROM taula” & _

“ORDER BY accio “

Dim idReader As SqlDataReader = New SqlCommand(cmdText:=sSQL, Connection:=g_cn).ExecuteReader()


With idReader

While .Read()


‘ComboBox1.Items.Add(UCase((Trim(.GetString(0)) & Space(8)).Substring(0, 8) & ” ” & .GetString(1)))

End While

End With



MsgBox(Err.Number & ” “ & Err.Description, vbOKOnly, “ERROR”)

Exit Sub

End Try

End Sub


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